• Application: 9/10
  • Colour/Tone: 7/10
  • Scent: 9/10
  • Price: 7/10
  • Recommend: Yes

From well-loved tanning brand: St. Tropez, this tan claims to give you full control over your tanning colour, by simply choosing when to shower! It’s an express mousse, which means it develops super quickly, leave on 1 hour for a light glow, 2 hours for a medium colour, or 3 hours for a deep tan.

Furthermore, St.Tropez state that after you shower, the colour continues to develop for up to 8 hours, to reach your final colour. This tan claims to ‘match your pigmentation’ which would make it suitable for all skin tones.

Bold claims right? I’m going to put it to the test so that you don’t have to. I love a dark tan so I will be leaving it on for the full 3 hours, and will use no other products so as to give an entirely unbiased review. See my before and after pictures below!


This tan was really nice to apply. Although it didn’t have a guide colour as such, it did have a bit of a tint to it which enabled me to see where I had been and avoid the dreaded missing patches. I actually really liked the fact that it had a subtle tint, as one of the worst things about super dark guide colours for me is looking ‘muddy’ for 6 hours while i’m waiting for it to develop which means I can’t leave the house. I didn’t have that problem with this tan, it left me with a nice even subtle glow after application.

Another thing that I LOVED about the application of this tan was how quickly it dried, it was touch dry within 2 minutes and dry enough to get dressed within 10 minutes. There was no horrible sticky feeling while it was developing which was sooo nice. 9/10 for application.


I left this tan on for about 3.5 hours (it states to leave on for 3 for a dark tan), however I wouldn’t say the tan that I got was ‘dark’, more of a medium glow. (See before and after pics below!)

Saying that, the colour that I got came out super even, even over those tricky areas like knees and hands. It also had a lovely tone to it, i’d say the tone is quite warm in colour, and looked a bit orangey in some lights, but definitely wasn’t orange, just a warm golden tone.

For this reason I give it 7/10 as I love a super dark tan, but I can’t fault the evenness and tone.


The scent is another thing that I was really impressed about with this tan. On application, it didn’t smell at all. After about an hour of having it on my skin it started to smell of that classic fake tan smell, but really not that much, just a hint. Fast forward 2 hours to when I showered it off and it didn’t smell at all after my shower. I then kept getting some whiffs of fake tan smell for the next 8 hours when I showered again, and since then, nothing.

For a tan that gives a colour like this, I was super impressed with the lack of smell. 9/10.


This tan generally retails for around £25, which is obviously on the more expensive side! Saying that, I don’t feel like I used much of the bottle at all for a full body application as the bottle still feels nice and heavy.

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon, buy here.

Before and After